Packaged Heat Pumps in Boise Nampa and Caldwell

Tired of High Electric Bills?

Start saving money on your commercial building today with a packaged rooftop heat pump. When the temperature is 25 degrees and above, you will mainly be using the heat pump to generate heat, which is the same as your air conditioner running. You wont be running expensive heat strips in your rooftop unit until it gets really cold out, putting more money back into your pocket.  These heat pumps will save you money and space! York's Latitude packaged heat pump units are designed for outdoor installation. That saves on indoor space.  These units have three footprints to optimize performance and keep them compact, the tough exterior coatings protect against corrosion and resists fading and they also use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.  

Packaged Heat Pump Rooftop Models:

  • Latitude Packaged Heat pump model UQ, from 1-5 tons and has an efficiency rating of 13 SEER
  • Affinity Series Packaged heat pumps Models BHX, BHQ, and BHZ which are 2-5 ton units.  The model BHX heat pump has a 14.5 SEER efficiency rating, the model BHQ heat pump has a 14 SEER efficiency rating and the model BHZ heat pump has a 13 SEER energy rating.  All of these models have the same footprint so the roof curbs can be placed and the proper tonnage rooftop unit can be installed after the internal load has been determined.  These are also available in 3 phase power configurations. 
  • The York Sunline Packaged Heat Pumps are a commercial unit that combines the high efficiency and advanced economizer controls with amazing installation flexibility.  The new XP 036-060 has the Simplicity control board in it standard.  The Sunline Model XP packaged heat pump comes in 3-5 tons and has a 13 SEER rating.  The Sunline model XP package heat pump unit also comes in 15-20 tons.
  • The York Predator packaged heat pumps model XP comes in 6.5-12.5 tons.  The York Predator line of rooftop heat pump units offers flexible, single package models with side and down airflow convertibility.  A common footprint allows easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack or frame.  Every unit comes completely charged, wired, piped and tested.  This unit also comes insulated for improved indoor air quality.

What About Rooftop Heat Pump Service and Repairs?

Drake Mechanical can help out with all of your heat pump maintenance and repairs.  From replacing a heat pump compressor to changing out a start capacitor Drake Mechanical's team of highly trained HVAC technicians can get your heat pump back up and running in a timely fashion for you. 

York Packaged Heat Pump

Rooftop Heat Pump Services-

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Eagle
  • Nampa
  • Caldwell
  • Kuna
  • Star
  • Middleton
  • Marsing
  • Mountain Home
  • Nyssa
  • Ontario
  • Idaho City
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  • Parma
  • and just about anywhere else you can think of! 

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