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Got Natural Gas?

If you have natural gas in your home then you have the potential for Carbon Monoxide.  It is advisable that even if all you have is a single gas appliance, you should have a Carbon Monoxide or CO2 detector in your home. Carbon Monoxide is the #1 silent killer. It is not uncommon to have a cracked heat exchanger in a 20 year old home or furnace and a lot of people do not do yearly maintenance unless their furnace quits.  This means you could have a problem and not even know it.  Is it worth a few bucks to save your life or your spouse and kids?  Many municipalities are now requiring Co2 detectors in your home when we install a new gas appliance.  This list is growing quickly as more cities and townships get on board.  If you have questions regarding CO detectors just give us a call at 208-362-6200 or CLICK HERE to contact us via e mail.  We can come out and get one installed for you today.

What is Code on Co2 Detectors in Idaho?

Code dictates to us that if a gas appliance is installed in a home, there must be a Co2 detector within 15 feet of a bedroom.  If you have a bedroom at each end of the house then you will most likely need more than one Co2 detectors.  This is to keep you safe while sleeping so that it wakes you up.  

What Brands are recommended?

One of the brands that we really like is First Alert Co2 detectors and also there are First Alert Co2 and Smoke combination detector alarms.  They have been making fire alarms for a long time and are a trusted name.   When and if dangerous levels of CO is detected it will ring out with a loud audible alarm to alert you and your family to get out of your house.  The First Alert Co2 alarms have a 5 year warranty along with the fact that the hard wired ones come with 9v battery backup so you're safe even if the power goes out.

There are many other brands of CO alarms that you can get at home improvement stores or we can get from our wholesalers depending on your needs.  Just give us a call and tell us what you want.  We will take it from there and help you get what will work for your personal application best in a quick and timely fashion.

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