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Drains are an important part of our plumbing system, and we all take them for granted – until there’s a clog!  Whether it’s your plugged kitchen sink drain in Boise, bathtub stoppage in Nampa, toilet clog in Caldwell, or your washing machine drain plugged in Meridian, the smallest of clogs can lead to the biggest problems, floods, and overall Frustration.  Let the Treasure Valley's leading experts in drain cleaning and rooter services come out and alleviate your frustration and get your drains flowing smoothly like they should.  Whether it is tree roots plugging up the drains or just a buildup of grease and other stuff like soap scum, hair, etc., we have specialized drain cleaning and the right rooter equipment in Boise that will take care of whatever your problem is.  Some things that people don't consider when their whole house has a main line clog is that sometimes it can be the neighbor's tree roots growing into their sewer piping through a crack in the pipe that is latching onto everything. Finally, it's plugged...  Once identified, this issue can be permanently fixed.  Drake Mechanical also repairs and installs lift stations in Boise, septic tank piping in Nampa and Caldwell, sewage pump stations, and pump stations that remove groundwater from your crawl space or basement.  No clog,  plug, or problem is too big or small.  We don't want all the business in town, JUST YOURS!

That’s why Drake Mechanical offers Boise drain cleaning and Nampa and Caldwell Rooter service technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We offer the latest drain cleaning technology to solve even the worst clogs caused by grease, debris, hair, and sludge. Equipment like small hand drain cleaning tools and mainline machines clear up to the larger mechanical Boise drain cleaning equipment.  Drake's also has water-powered drain cleaning and rooter equipment that uses water at 3000+ psi to scour, cut through, and break up the clog, tree roots, or grease that slows up your drain lines.  We provide video camera sewer line inspections once the line is clear so we can get to the root of the problem with as little mess – and hassle – as possible.  Also, ask about our complimentary Residual Drain Cleaning Technology that keeps doing its job after we have finished ours by using powerful microorganism technology to continue cleaning the drain pipe's sidewalls that were just augured.

Does Drake's Come to my area, you might ask?

Drake Mechanical travels and services the entire Treasure Valley, from clogged Drains in Boise and Kuna to plugged Sewer lines in Nampa and Caldwell, Kitchen sink drains, and plugged garbage disposers in Meridian and Eagle.  We even get the hair out of that slow-draining Lavatory sink in your bathroom in Middleton and Star.  Drake also regularly travels from Ontario, Oregon, to Mountain Home, Idaho.  (trip charges may apply)  Give us a call today or click below to contact us via our e-mail.  For emergency drain cleaning or rooter service, please call for quick service.  For Emergency Service, you can call 208-362-6200 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or click below to contact us via e-mail.  For emergency drain cleaning, please call so we can ensure that 24/7 we get your drains cleaned and your family taken care of.  Look for the guys in the big yellow trucks for all your drain cleaning needs.

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