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How Does a Water Heater Work?

Water heaters in Boise are not really all that mysterious. A water heater in Caldwell heats water continually, depending on tank temperature. When you draw off hot water from the top, cold water enters the tank at the bottom, replacing the hot water drawn out. When the water heater thermostat senses the water temperature has dropped below the temperature setpoint level, it initiates the water heater heating element(s) in an electric water heater or the burner in a gas model. Even if you don’t use hot water, the tank's temperature will fall eventually, so the water will be reheated to return to the desired temperature. Because of this wasted energy, turning down the water heater thermostat to the "Vacation" setting when away for extended periods, such as when you are on vacation or on long business trips is advisable.

Which Water Heater in Boise, Nampa, or Caldwell is Better: Gas or Electric?

Gas and electric water heaters are about equally common in Boise.  An advantage of an electric water heater is that it doesn’t require venting the combustion gases, as does a gas water heater.  However, electric water heaters may be more expensive and generally don’t heat cold water as quickly as gas water heater models can. However, your choice may be dictated by the type of water heater you are replacing. Often, changing from one energy source to another can be more expensive depending on if you have to add flue piping and gas piping that was never there before; on the other hand, your efficiency might go up enough along with natural gas being less expensive than electricity that it will have a quick payback, and then it's money in your pocket.

Tank Type Water Heaters vs Tankless Water Heaters

While tank-type water heaters are the normal type of water heater used in Boise Nampa and Caldwell, a tankless water heater is sometimes the better choice. Tankless heaters (instantaneous or demand water heaters) heat the water as it is called for at the tap. Tankless water heaters usually cost twice as much as comparable tank types. But tankless water heaters, being smaller, can fit into spots where you’d never get a tank, giving you more room for storage or other things, or if you are continually running out of hot water, they will solve that problem with endless hot water.  One of the other tankless water heater types is called an Eternal hybrid water heater.   A hybrid water heater such as the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater in Nampa is extremely efficient without the pressure drop issues that a full-on tankless water heater in Boise has.

Water Heater Repairs

Drake Mechanical's plumbers do not just remove your old water heater in Boise and install a new water heater; Drake Mechanical's plumbers can also repair your existing water heating system, depending on the issue.  If you need tank-type water heater repairs in Boise, Tankless water heater repairs in Nampa or Caldwell, or Hybrid water heater repairs in Meridian or Eagle Drake Mechanical's team of trained and licensed plumbers can get you back underway as long as it is a repairable item.  If the water heater tank leaks, unfortunately, you will have to replace your existing water heater with a new one.  Once the water heater tank starts leaking, there is not a whole lot else we can do.  We advise having your plumbing checked yearly, the water heater flushed, and the safety and water heater controls checked for proper operation to get the most life out of your system possible.  Water heater flushing is part of Drake Mechanical's 30-point plumbing inspection.  

Do You Need A New Water Heater?

Are you having water heater issues?  Does your water heater in Boise need new Heating Elements?  Does your water heater in Nampa or Caldwell need to be replaced altogether?  Is the pressure and temperature relief valve leaking on your water heater in Meridian, or maybe you need a pressure tank on your water heater in Eagle?  Drake's does it all when it comes to water heaters, whether they have a tank or are tankless.  Call us, and we will get one of our plumbers out to your home or office and get your hot water going again so you can enjoy that nice hot bath or shower you have been missing!


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