New Propane Gas Piping

Propane gas piping is one type of piping that Drake Mechanical can install for you. Whether it is a new conversion from an all electric home or office to repairing or adding additional gas appliances to your home Drake Mechanical does it all.  If you are in an area that has electricity only but still want to have gas for cooking, heat or your bbq on a large tank Drake Mechanical can install propane piping for you as well.  If you do not have any gas piping already That is an easy fix, We just need to do the math, figure any future appliances you might want to add like a propane gas range or BBQ, Fireplace etc., size the piping and install it. Once installed we can have you up and "Cooking With Gas" so to speak.

Existing Natural Gas Piping?.

Say you already have propane gas piping and just want to add something like a propane Gas Dryer or BBQ, New Gas range where you had an electric one before? That is No Problem for Boise, Nampa and Caldwell's Gas Piping Experts. It is just a matter of doing the math and making sure that the pipe is large enough for the added gas load and making the connections. If the piping is too small then it is a matter of running a separate gas line from the meter or the other option of increasing the gas pressure and installing gas regulators at each piece of equipment. If you have any questions regarding Gas Piping feel free to call us anytime a 208-362-6200 or contact us by CLICKING HERE to request a quote.


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