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Non-Electric Water Softeners In Boise, Nampa, and Caldwell

Are you ready for a water softener that is a step above the rest?  If you answered yes then the SUMO non-electric water softener is the right water softener for you.  Most water softeners operate the same way.  The average water softener has an electronic head on it that uses electricity.  They have a small meter inside of the water softener head that measures how much water you use and based on that usage and the programmed water hardness level will regenerate on demand.  Generally a typical water softener will regenerate in the middle of the night while you sleep.  When the softener regenerates it takes the salt brine water and runs it through the softener.  This dislodges all of the hard water minerals from the resin and then the water softener goes into a flushing cycle to flush out all the minerals and the salt down the drain.  Your average water softener will flush for 15-20 plus minutes which wastes a lot of water.  Here is where the SUMO comes into play.  

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How The SUMO Water Softener Works

The SUMO is different than other softeners in many ways.  To start with there is no electricity for the head.  The water softener still regenerates on a demand basis but instead of a computer board telling it when to do so the whole water softener head is gear operated and mechanical so there are no electronic parts to break.  Once you set the water hardness level and put salt in the SUMO water softener it does it's own thing.  The SUMO will regenerate as needed, when its needed.  This keeps your home with soft water day and night.  The SUMO also has a much shorter regeneration cycle which saves you money on your water bill.  Rather than a regeneration time of 30 plus minutes from the small SUMO water softener to the largest SUMO water softener the regeneration time is as little as 6 minutes to no more than 25 minutes on the large water softener unit.  

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SUMO Water Softener Models

There are 3 sizes of SUMO water softeners that will take care of virtually any home.  One of the great things about the SUMO water softener is the size of the first two models.  They are compact, take up less room that other water softeners and don't have to have a separate brine tank.  It is one small compact unit that holds the salt and also includes the resin tank.  For large houses SUMO also makes a larger unit that is similar in appearance to the standard water softener you are used to seeing.

  • SUMO I:  This unit is only 9" wide and 18" long.  It fits in most any place in your home but is only good for up to about a 1000 SQ foot house.   The SUMO 1 provides up to 10.5 gallons per minute of water flow, it holds 30 lbs of salt and  has a 1" head standard for less restriction on your water supply.   When the SUMO 1 regenerates it regenerates for 6-12 minutes which includes the brine solution and flushing.  
  • SUMO II:  The SUMO II water softener is 14" wide by 23" long.  It is great for your standard 3 bedroom / two bathroom house.  The SUMO II delivers up to 12 gallons of flow and holds 75 lbs of salt.  The regeneration time of the SUMO II is 8-15 minutes depending on your water pressure.  
  • SUMO III:  The SUMO III is what you would call your standard water softener that you are used to seeing other than it is not run by electricity.  The SUMO III has a separate resin tank and a separate brine tank for the salt.  The SUMO III holds up to 240 lbs of salt and provides up to 17.5 gallons per minute of flow through it which means plenty of water for you and your family. 

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