Stinky Garbage Disposal

Does Something Smell Funny In Your Kitchen?



If you have some issues with smell around your kitchen sink you may have some buildup inside of your garbage disposal.  This happens to garbage disposals just to the nature of the beast.  If you want to get that smell to go away you have a couple of options.  One of these options is to run a bunch of ice down the disposal while the water is running, this will help clear the grime and buildup off the insides of your garbage disposal.  Another way to help rid of smell is with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and oranges.  If you are cooking with these don't throw the peels away, save them and put them down your disposal before you go to bed.  The citrus juices help cut grease and also the rough peels will help with cleaning the inside of your disposal.  If this still has not gotten rid of the smells maybe it is time to call a plumber.  Give us a call today or click on the link below to send us an e mail so we can get a licensed plumbing technician out there to take a look at what is causing the problems.

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