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How Air Conditioners Work

When the temperature outside begins to climb, many people seek the comfort of their climate-controlled home. Air conditioners are one of those things that we see every day but seldom pay much attention to. Air conditioners come in various sizes, cooling capacities, efficiencies, and prices. Most commonly referred to as central air, an air conditioning system uses ducts to distribute cooled and/or dehumidified air to more than one room or uses pipes to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers in more than one room and which is not plugged into a standard electrical outlet. With a typical split system, the air conditioner's condenser and compressor are in an outdoor unit; the evaporator is mounted in the air handling unit (often a forced air furnace). With a package system, all components are located in a single outdoor unit that may be located on the ground or roof.

Outdoor air conditioner

Central air conditioning performs like a regular air conditioner but has several added benefits:

When the air handling unit or furnace turns on, room air is drawn in from various parts of the building through return-air ducts. This air is pulled through a filter where airborne particles such as dust, lint, and other contaminants are removed. Sophisticated air filters may remove microscopic pollutants and germs as well. The filtered air is routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to rooms. Whenever the air conditioner is running, this cycle of cleaning your air repeats continually. Because the central air conditioning unit is located outside the home, it offers a lower level of noise indoors than a free-standing or window air conditioning unit. 

Condensing Unit

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Boise Air conditioner maintenance is an essential item to remember, even if you have to put it in your calendar to remind you. Sign up as a Preferred Maintenance Member, and let us handle your scheduling! When your air conditioner gets dirty, it loses efficiency, costs you more money to run, and can have issues like freezing up or causing a compressor to burn up. Annual maintenance needs to be done each spring once the weather warms up enough that we can get good readings on the refrigerant and make sure everything is running within the manufacturer's tolerances so that you can stay cool all summer long.  We all know Murphy's law: if it can break, it will break at the worst possible time. 


What About Air Conditioner Repair?

Drake Mechanical services the entire Treasure Valleys, from start capacitors to compressors, Drake Mechanical can handle all your air conditioning needs big or small. We can take care of cleaning your unit and checking refrigerant levels. Call us today, and we will get a Nate Certified Air conditioning technician out to your home and get you fixed up in a jiffy. 

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