How To Change Your Sink Aerator

Tired Of Your Sink Spraying All Over?  Change Your Aerator!


Are you wanting to change your sink aerator?  Not sure how?  Here is a short video on how to change out your sink aerator.  A sink aerator does a couple things for you and if it isn't working right or is plugged you will be disappointed in it's performance.  A sink aerator adds air to your water which makes it seem like there is more water pressure than there really is, this also limits water flow which saves you money on your water bill.  This is great with cold water but saves you even more on your hot water since you have to pay twice for hot water, once to buy the water and then again to heat it.  A plugged aerator can also cause water to spray out the sides getting water all over the counter tops and your clothes as your running out the door.  If you need your aerators changed or maybe have specialty aerators just give us a call so we can get you what you need.  We change standard aerators out as part of our 30 point plumbing inspection as well.

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